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Guy’do began his career at the early age of 16. His career took flight when Noxx Antwerp offered him a spot as resident on their infamous Saturday nights.
His curiosity and interest in music led him to begin his career as a producer.

In 2006 he released his first tracks on Red Rabbit Records and later that year he signed as Artist with Mostiko where he released with Moonflower 'Heaven On Earth'

2013 can be marked as the rise of the MEGAMEN. The year when the world got to know three new superhero's. Both MOONFLOWER and GUY'DO have joined the league of EDM protectors. They're legacy will be felt until a time far far in the future. When in a distant future we will look back at the year 2013, acknowledging 'MEGAMEN' as one of the pivotal artists of that year, we will remember that 'MEGAMEN' ushered both MOONFLOWER and GUY'DO to the pinnacle of the EDM league of superhero's.

“I like to play a variety of sounds from electro- , to tech- & progressive- house". "For me the most important aspect in a record as well as a DJ set is the flow of energy in the music you bring".

"It’s a challenge to play in front of a crowd and have them enjoying your sounds". "A good Dj always listens to the people and tries to get them involved during his set.”

He practically played at every club and Festival in belgium, plus he's made guest appearances at clubs like Privilege Ibiza and Nikki Beach Saint-Tropez.

Keep an eye on Guy'do ' cos he’s “the Upcoming Guy”