Steve Aoki supports MaxiMus on Instagram

RESPECT! Steve Aoki supports  'MaxiMus' on Instagram and he reacts too! Best Support ever!!

MegaMen - Maximus out on Beatport & ITunes !

But It On Beatport or Buy It On ITunes

The wait is over. David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Yves V, W&W & Vato Gonzalez have played it, now you get to play it too…. :) Go over to beatport and 'cop Maximus & play it f'king loud'.... 


Steve Aoki plays MaxiMus!

 On Friday 'Maximus' has been featured in the radio show of the Michael Jordan of EDM aka mr David Guetta. Now Mr. Steve Aoki himself uses our 'MaxiMus' in his Aokify India tour compilation !

MaxiMus in David Guetta's Radio Show!

Unbelievable.. 'Maximus' has been featured in the radio show of the michael jordan of edm aka mr David Guetta.. I'm so excited to share this with you. 

David Guetta Dj Mix #186

Maximus will be hitting beatport ont the 28th of januari. So make sure you get your copy.

Artist at Dim Mak Records

I'm Proud to announce That i'm signed to Dim Mak Records a.k.a Steve Aoki's record label. 

Guy'do & Moonflower are the new MEGAMEN

2013 can be marked as the rise of the MEGAMEN. The year when the world got to know three new superhero's. Both MOONFLOWER and GUY'DO have joined the league of EDM protectors. They're legacy will be felt until a time far far in the future. When in a distant future we will look back at the year 2013, acknowledging 'MaxiMus' (released on Dim Mak Records) as one of the pivotal tracks of that year, we will remember that 'MEGAMEN' ushered both MOONFLOWER and GUY'DO to the pinnacle of the EDM league of superhero's.

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